I stayed in China for five weeks, where I wrapped up the research progress made in the spring 2017 semester and did some reading into cooperating socioeconomic covariates into our current model in predict prevalence of HIV. In addition, I interviewed some HIV patient to study the living condition of HIV patients in rural area in Jiangsu, China.

I’ve been following professor Le Bao on this HIV research project for two years, and this is the first time I tried to talk to real-world HIV patients. I realized how difficult life is for them, and I hope our project will help fight HIV in a global sense by introducing better model in predicting HIV prevalence in sub-population. I hope my interview with them let them know that there are so many people in the world fighting HIV together.

Besides building up hierarchical models and do all the theoretical analysis of HIV prevalence model, I also learnt a lot about how the most common challenges HIV patients are facing and how to talk with them about this topic in a respectful and ethical manner. I would be able to tell them about the increasing survival rate and the development of more effective medicine.

I hope to always be positive to life as some HIV patients do. I want to enter graduate programs in statistics, with an intention to focus on health policy.

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