This past summer, I stayed at Penn State and worked on my honors thesis in a plant biology lab. I used click chemistry to work towards visualizing the most recently deposited cell wall matrix.

This is a part of biology I haven’t had much experience with as a biology major on the pre med track. I welcomed the new experience and the challenges that came along with it. It made me think in different ways, but also allowed me to bring the knowledge I’ve gotten from previous experiences to the lab this summer.

As a biology major, I’ve taken many of the cell biology classes offered here throughout my education. While plant cell walls are a bit different than what I’ve learned about, many of the same principles still apply.

Due to this experience, I learned the importance of trying something outside of your comfort zone. Working with plants was something completely foreign to me, but I surprised myself by how much I could apply of what I already know. I still plan on applying to medical school, but I now know that I shouldn’t be so set on things that I’m already familiar with.

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