I interned at Ross Stores, Inc. in New York, NY, this summer. I was a Location Planning Analyst Intern in the Lingerie and Hosiery department. Some everyday tasks that I completed were developing regional product strategies to review with the Location Planning Manager, reviewing in-season trends to determine whether forecast should be accepted or rejected based on current and future business performance, identifying the strongest and weakest performing regions by looking at actualized data from the previous week and notifying upper level management of possible risks and opportunities, and ensuring all region and store plans were error-free through weekly error checking.

This experience was important to me because it gave me real world experience towards my area of study. I’m a Supply Chain and Information Systems major and having an internship is crucial to landing a job offer. Being able to live in NYC and not have to commute from Connecticut was very convenient for me because I had the flexibility to stay longer hours and devote more time to learning. My final project was to analyze last year’s plans for Lingerie and Hosiery during the 2016 holiday season and recommend new plans for the 2017 holiday season by outlining risk and opportunities in different regions.

The Smeal College of Business does a very good job of preparing its students for the real world. I used a lot of skills that I learned in those classes in my internship. For example, we’re required to take MIS 204, which is an introductory excel course. I used Excel everyday in my internship and I could tell that I was more knowledgeable with the software compared to other interns.

This internship taught me a lot about myself and about my chosen career path. I realized that I’m in the right major and I really enjoy what I’ll be doing for a living. I also further developed my professional and analytical skills. Throughout the internship, I was analyzing how well my department was performing and used various software to analyze the different metrics. I also had to schedule appointments with multiple employees so I had to make phone calls or email upper level management when doing so. My final presentation was in front of upper-level management so I had to make sure my professional skills were fully shown when I was presenting.

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