I studied at the University of Sussex for four weeks (mid-June through mid-July). The University of Sussex is located in Brighton, UK. I took a class on Health Psychology. I traveled to London with the class and on the weekends, I traveled to Paris, Amsterdam, and Ibiza.

This experience was important to me for many reasons. First, going abroad has always been a dream of mine and therefore doing so meant a lot to me. Of course, I took a course that complemented my studies; however, more importantly, I was able to learn about myself as well as the world around me. I was able to take my culture from home and expose it to a new environment, as the new environment did to me. Ultimately, my experiences encouraged me to look at this world from a bigger perspective, which in turn has motivated me to focus on my desired career and help those in need in the long run. Aside from a career aspect, I met a lot of people who have their own purposes in life. Talking to them helped me become more open-minded and therefore more aware of what goes on in the world.

I am a Biology major with minors in Psychology and Human Development & Family Studies. In the future, I want to pursue a career in the medicine field and work with children. Throughout my experience, I learned a lot about the health field from a psychological aspect, which is exactly what I’m studying at Penn State. The course I took is similar to a course I would have taken at Penn State.

From this experience, I learned that no matter where you’re from, everyone is similar but different at the same time. Of course everyone has their own cultures and ways of living, but at the end of the day, we’re all people who have similar goals in life. As mentioned, I want to enter the medicine field and help those in need. My experience has encouraged me to keep working hard towards my goal. Being in the medicine field can be tough as you are expected to interact with all kinds of people. Being abroad has made me comfortable and I believe every little thing I learned, whether it’s something as simple as time management or even as important as communication, will play a crucial role in my post-graduation plans.

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