Engagement Space

An interactive space to connect students with opportunities.

The Engagement Space invites students, faculty, alumni, and community members to actively search and contribute to the vast database of leadership opportunities available to students at the University. The space will feature Penn State’s best and brightest interns to help fellow students find opportunities to their learning experience, work with faculty to explain how they can become involved with student engagement, and explain the value of student engagement to the wider Penn State community.

Exterior Walls

The exterior media walls will serve as the attract loop for the overall Engagement Space experience by providing a definition of student engagement at Penn State, promoting student success stories, offering program and event information, and highlighting new engagement and leadership opportunities. Using the latest in digital technology, the flexibility of the arrangement allows for data oriented graphics, photos, and social media interaction.

Gallagher's proposed design for a curved wall with LED lights acting as a marquee
Another angle of Gallagher's proposed design for a curved wall with LED lights.

© Gallagher & Associates

Interior Touchscreen Interactive Wall

The interior interactive wall brings students together to explore the range of possibilities available through Engage Penn State. Students will be able to discover opportunities organized by aspirational themes rather than taxonomy, search by organization or event details, collaborate with other students, and create connections through browsing or interests.

Gallagher's concept art depicting persons using a touchscreen wall, exploring engagement opportunities
Example of Interior Touchscreen Interactive Wall

© Gallagher & Associates

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