Further knowledge and understanding about student engagement.

Find funding and research opportunities through the Faculty Academy to build new student engagement courses or conduct student engagement research.


The Faculty Academy is intended to deepen the University-wide discourse, practice, and recognition of student engagement at Penn State. Proposals will be solicited from faculty who wish to spend a portion of their time during an academic year developing research, scholarship, creative accomplishment, and/or programming (courses or curriculum) involving student engagement.


  1. Advance knowledge about student engagement at Penn State across the University
  2. Strengthen student engagement courses and experiences and/or contribute to research on student engagement that can lead to sustainable opportunities for faculty and students
  3. Cultivate faculty leadership for student engagement
  4. Recognize and enable the contributions of student engagement faculty


Faculty scholars should have experience in research about, and a commitment to, furthering knowledge and understanding about student engagement. Faculty fellows should have an interest in, or experience with, teaching or leading a student engagement experience or program. Scholars and fellows should be willing to serve as a campus leader or mentor for student engagement (includes co-teaching or partnering with another faculty member). They should also have an interest in being an active member of a community of practice for student engagement.

Selection Process

One scholar will be selected to begin in 2017-18 (one two-year term). Five fellows will be selected to begin in 2017-18 (one one-year term). Interested faculty should submit a letter of intent along with an application form and proposed budget.

Selection will be based on:

  1. Quality and relevance of past student engagement activities
  2. Desire to deepen the campus-wide discourse, practice, and recognition of student engagement at Penn State
  3. Quality and relevance of proposal for future student engagement activities
  4. Capacity to disseminate information about the project to broader campus community
  5. Capacity to contribute as a campus leader in this area


Faculty scholars will have a two-year appointment and focus on research and public scholarship. Faculty fellows will have a one-year appointment and focus on developing models of engagement in courses and field work. Faculty scholars will receive a half-time buy out (salary and fringe) while faculty fellows will receive a stipend (three-week supplemental pay in summer).

Both appointments will also:

  1. Engage in regular meetings with leadership and participate in a student engagement community of practice
  2. Document and share findings with Penn State community and other scholarly venues as appropriate (i.e. conference presentations, peer-reviewed articles, writing in public as well as academic venues)
  3. Submit a final report at the end of term to summarize project and findings (faculty fellows will need to submit a progress report at the end of year one in addition to final report)

National Funding

  • See the AAC&U list of leading organizations for civic engagement funding opportunities.
  • See the APLU page on economic development and community engagement.
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