Help fellow students enhance their learning experience.
The internship program was created to support the advancement and promotion of student engagement across the University, providing students with the opportunity to serve as voices of student engagement at Penn State. Applicants must be undergraduate students at Penn State University Park, and be in good academic and conduct standing with the University. The internship program is open to students of all educational backgrounds, especially those interested in helping current and future students enhance their out-of-classroom learning.

Engagement Space Internship

  • Staff the Engagement Space in the HUB-Robeson Center and act as liaisons, mentors and ambassadors of student engagement
  • Communicate the importance and impact of student engagement with current and future students, visiting parents, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni and community members
  • Present to first-year students, faculty, staff and administrators on how to get engaged through the sharing of resources and testimonials
  • Create vlogs and content for social media, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Applicants must be comfortable speaking publicly and interacting with visitors to the Engagement Space
  • Applicants must be engaged both inside and outside the classroom, and understand the impact of meaningful engagement experiences

Communications Internship

  • Produce videos for webinars, student testimonials, YouTube content and large department sponsored events, including the Student Engagement Expo and Student Engagement Summit
  • Assist the marketing strategy specialist with creating and scheduling social media content, editing and proofreading news articles, assisting with promotional materials and other duties as assigned
  • Ideal candidates should have strong writing, editing and communication skills, and experience with completing video projects through pre-production, shooting and editing
  • Applicants must be majoring in communications, journalism, marketing, public relations, advertising, graphic design and/or a related field

Kyleigh Higie

Carmina Rogelio

Kelly McCready

Molly Borowski

Jacquelin Vera

Jon Westlake

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