Learn how engagement has transformed the lives of students.

Finding My Future Career

I spent two weeks in Washington, D.C. being a Social Justice Fellow in the D.C. Social Justice Fellowship program. While I was there, my teaching cohort and I worked in various high schools in the area and conducted research on a topic of our choice to present at a...

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Getting Involved in My Community

I’ve always been involved on campus in numerous clubs, but my experience in Reality Check at Behrend really stands out. I participated in numerous community service projects, and went to Houston, Texas for a mission trip. I also volunteered on my own time at a local...

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Guiding New Students as a Mentor

I was a peer-to-peer business mentor for my engagement experience. My job was to contact my two mentees and help them with whatever they needed. This included answering questions about college, the business major, classes within the major, advice on how to succeed,...

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Tackling HIV on a Global Scale

I stayed in China for five weeks, where I wrapped up the research progress made in the spring 2017 semester and did some reading into cooperating socioeconomic covariates into our current model in predict prevalence of HIV. In addition, I interviewed some HIV patient...

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Pursuing my Passion

My fieldwork experience was at the UPMC Center for Rehab Services in New Castle, PA. I worked alongside a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) to treat the pediatric population. I was able to take over the COTA's entire caseload and learn with hands-on...

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The Wonders of Cuba

During my CHANCE program to western Cuba, I traveled to Havana, Viñales, and Guanahacabibes National Park. I listened to professional conservationists speak, and talked to Cuban people in each place that I visited. I snorkeled in the Caribbean sea, hiked in Sierra del...

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Abroad in Tanzania

My six-week experience took place in various parts of Tanzania. We spent most of our time learning and reflecting on subjects like conservation and ethics. We went to Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Udzungwa, Mikimi, and Kilwa to see real life examples of these subjects. The...

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When In Rome

Myself and thirteen other students traveled to Rome for about three weeks. When in Rome, we walked around the city exploring archaeological sites, visiting museums, and experiencing the city's culture. We also visited Naples for a long weekend and went to Pompeii to...

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