On October 25, 2017, I gave a presentation on the amphibian inhabitants of wetlands and how to protect their habitat. My presentation included an informational poster as well as tri-fold pamphlets and thumb drives to pass out to the event visitors.  The event was hosted by Muddy Paws Marsh and its purpose was to help educate Master Gardener members and volunteers on water stewardship.

This experience was important to me because it allowed me to share my knowledge about wetland amphibians with the public.  I hope I made a difference by fostering an attitude of conservation for wetlands and the amphibians that use them.

My in-class learning and academic studies complemented this experience very well. I have taken Conservation Biology, in which we studied wetland conservation, and I’m currently taking Wetlands Conservation. In both classes, we learned about the function and importance of wetlands and their inhabitants, including amphibians.

I learned about creating learning materials (the poster and the pamphlet), and giving presentations to the public. Communicating effectively is an important skill for anyone to have and this experience will help me with any future presentations I may need to give as a part of my job and/or as I further my education.

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