For the fall 2017 semester, I interned at YWCA York as a Marketing Intern under the supervision of Crystal Patterson, the Marketing Coordinator. As a marketing Intern, my duties were to assist the Marketing Coordinator to create marketing materials that would be used for the organization’s daily operations.

This internship provided an opportunity for me to explore the field of marketing in terms of creativity. Also, the internship allowed me to get experience in marketing design software, such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Furthermore, the internship provided an opportunity for me to expand my professional network and meet other professionals who are in similar fields.

Since most of the projects were based on creativity, the in-class learning and academic studies that I’ve gained didn’t complement the experience; however, I was able to apply my marketing knowledge into the experience. First of all, I was able to apply my knowledge of customer’s behavior and the influence that marketing makes toward an organization’s operation. By involving this experience, I was able to improve my communication skills as well.

During the time of the internship, I got to experience how dynamic a non-profit organization is, and that one position in the organization can be involved in multiple projects/assignments. As mentioned earlier, by interning at YWCA York, I learned how to use a few tools in the Adobe Creative Suite to create marketing materials. From all the things that I’ve learned during my internship, I believe it solidifies my existing post-graduation plans more-so than before; it has had a little impact, and I didn’t think it would.

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