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My experience involved researching and designing a small-scale power inverter system for photovoltaic grid tied applications (solar power system). My research began in Spring 2018, focusing on background information and a literature review. In the summer of 2018 I collaborated with academic and industry professionals to prototype my system in the form of software simulations. I also attended a conference related to renewable energy systems and presented my research at a university-wide symposium.

The environment and its preservation are very important to me. As an electrical engineering major, I am very interested in renewable energy and improving the efficiency and reliability of this promising and great technology. I plan on constructing a physical prototype of my system in the upcoming weeks and hopefully produce positive results from doing so. If the project is successful, it will demonstrate the advantages of the new materials and control methods employed in this system.

Before the summer, I had only taken a thesis preparation class (HONOR 496), during which I conducted a literature review on background information of the topic. This project was very educational for me, as I learned a lot of information regarding power engineering on my own because of it. Now I am taking a power engineering class as a technical elective and I am proud to see the equations and concepts I had learned on my own being taught in class.

I learned that I very much enjoy conducting research. There are many moments of frustration and angst, but when a breakthrough is achieved, it is all worth it. This experience has also made me realize that I would like to pursue graduate school once I obtain my BS.