This year, with the help of the Student Engagement Network Grant, I developed a prospective cross-sectional interventional survey design study to determine if an investigator developed educational intervention could impact knowledge and attitudes regarding palliative care. After obtaining IRB approval, Dr. Michael Evans, my mentor, and I held a Lunch and Learn at the Lackawanna County VNA Home Health and Hospice in Olyphant, PA. where we were able to implement the intervention and collect data from 29 individuals. From the preliminary data collected, I was then able to create an abstract which was sent to the Greater Pittsburgh Nursing Research Conference Representative which can potentially be selected for a poster presentation.

Research shows that palliative care is underutilized throughout the medical field. It is my responsibility as a future healthcare provider to spend time educating and helping populations of the Lackawanna County to better understand palliative care and the benefits it provides to their patients. Through our preliminary data, we found that the educational intervention we provided increased our sample’s knowledge of palliative care significantly. This experience also expanded my research knowledge which is essential as I plan to attend graduate school for my doctoral degree.

Recently, I took PSYCH 200 which has provided me the skill set to better understand statistical analyses as well as learn about the data collection process. I also have taken a class, Writing Across the Disciplines, which has shaped my knowledge of reviewing literature and writing academically sound documents and posters. I also have had the privilege of taking a nursing elective class, NURS 494, which has provided me skills in interdisciplinary communication and creating environments for large numbers of people to gather and obtain valuable information. This experience will also complete my work next semester in NURS 200W—Nursing Research.

This experience has provided me multiple opportunities and experiences which has shaped me for my future plans. This research opportunity has given me a glimpse into the field of research and what I can do with my future aspirations of attending graduate school towards a PhD. I have learned how to create a team and the communications skills needed to be successful. I also have gained more experience in research and the importance of the Institutional Review Board and all of their processes. This experience has solidified my aspirations of obtaining a PhD and continue to provide research and education to multiple populations.

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