My internship allowed for me to get first-hand experience in the political field. It allowed me to help bring about change in small communities as well as on the big stage. While interning for a political campaign, I was able to canvass for my candidate and really listen to what the people wanted out of this past 2018 election.

This experience was and continues to be important to me because it not only helped me get closer to the people in which to help, but also it allowed me to learn from them. Listening to what constituents really need and want for change in this country opened up my eyes. It was the little things that mattered, as most of them appreciated having one-on-one communication with their running district candidate. In the PA 128th district in particular, I was really able to make a difference. With a large number of Spanish speaking people, my ability to communicate and translate for them was very helpful in getting them up to date with the upcoming election and the big events prior to it. I feel as though, without my help, most of them would have not voted or even be registered, so knowing I made an impact in our overall democracy is fulfilling.

I have taken many Political Science courses over my college career that have taught me a lot about this country’s democracy and how a single vote CAN make a difference. As I continue to take these courses, I am proud to say that I myself am contributing to this democracy not only by voting, but by also getting others to vote. In addition, I took part in a march that granted me the chance to see and feel what people are motivated about and to continue to push to meet those standards.

I feel this experience has not only taught me about how campaigns are and should be run, but also how to connect more with people. With the career path that I chose, an experience in politics will serve me well- along with all the networking I’ve been able to do. I am only but ever so grateful for this experience for putting me out there… a step closer to the global stage.

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