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2019 Student Engagement Expo

Learn more about the impact of student engagement.


The Student Engagement Expo is held annually as a celebration of student engagement at Penn State. The 2019 Student Engagement Expo will be held on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 from 6:00-9:00 pm and will include a number of demonstrations showcasing student engagement.


*subject to change*

Location: Alumni Hall

5:45-6:10 PM    Casey Brown on Stage
6:00-7:00 PM   Check-In
6:00-7:00 PM   Poster Session
6:15-6:35 PM   Jazz Cat on Stage
6:40-7:00 PM The Statesmen on Stage
7:10-8:05 PM Lightning Round Presentations
8:05-8:45 PM Keynote presentation

Joe Battista

Keynote Speaker

Joe BattistaJoe Battista is a professional speaker, author, and owner of Pragmatic Passion LLC Consulting.  His first book “The Power of Pragmatic Passion” was released in September of 2018.  He is the Vice President and an Executive Coach for the National Athletic and Professional Success Academy.

In 19 seasons as the head coach of Penn State Ice Hockey, his teams won 512 games and six ACHA national championships. Battista helped secure the largest gift in Penn State history ($88 million) from Terry and Kim Pegula in 2010 to establish NCAA hockey teams and construct the Pegula Ice Arena. He was named Associate Athletic Director to oversee the project.

The American Hockey Coaches Association named Joe the 2014 winner of the prestigious “Lou Lamoriello Award” for his career contributions to college hockey.  Joe was also a Vice President of the Buffalo Sabres and the Director of Amateur Hockey for the Pittsburgh Penguins.  He is a member of the American Collegiate Hockey Association Hall of Fame and the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame.

Joe is a 1983 graduate of Penn State’s Smeal College of Business and he resides in State College, PA with his wife Heidi and they have 3 children, Brianna (27), Jon (25), and Ryan (19).

Keynote Presentation

The Power of Pragmatic PassionPragmatic Passion: Dream Big. Keep it Real. Get it Done!

Passion is a difference maker and people living the most joyful, fulfilling, and successful lives have it. But passion alone is not enough. Passion is necessary, but not sufficient, to be truly successful. By learning about Pragmatic Passions 7 Core Principles you will have a practical, common sense, blueprint for achieving success in your personal and professional lives. This high energy, interactive keynote will help you to bring your passion to all aspects of your life!

Learning Objectives

The Attendees Will Learn These 7 Core Principles…

  • Purpose: Why discovering your Purpose is critical and must guide you every single day.
  • Attitude: How to choose an awesome attitude toward everything in your life and to T.A.G. others.
  • Sacrifice: Using “The Power of Focus” to manage YOUR time so you can persist and persevere.
  • Servant Leadership: To serve before leading, be “other-centered”, and to provide superior service.
  • Inspiration: Surround yourself with people who make you better and find your mentors.
  • Options: Develop outstanding options and make informed choices using critical thinking skills.
  • Nurture: To become a life-long learner and commit to sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

There’s just something about walking among the ancient Greek ruins or holding a vessel that’s been buried for more than 2,000 years… I truly believe that it’s these experiences — those outside the four walls of a classroom — that allow you to expand your horizons and provide the foundation for your character, and it’s those character traits that will set you apart from everyone else in the world.

Natasha Nagle

Former Expo Speaker, Anthropology Major, Class of 2018

Lightning Round Presentations

Zoe Cykosky How Penn State Tennis has SERVED Me!
Rianna Graham The Art of Resiliency and Tenacity: How to Get Everything You Want in Life
Dylan Schoemaker The importance of bridging the gap between academic and Industry scientists
Lindsey Jacks Renewable Energy Innovation & Sustainability in Iceland
Heidy Canales Pushing Forward
Royce DSouza What to do when someone gives you Money, Trust and/or Power
Jessica Chou Student Farm at Penn State: from Pilot to Permanence
Regina Duesler Empowerment through Service

Poster Session

How Penn State Tennis has SERVED Me!
Zoe Cykosky Junior Supply Chain and Information Systems
The Art of Resiliency and Tenacity: How to Get Everything You Want in Life
Rianna Graham Senior Biobehavioral Health
Bridging the Academic and Industry Gap
Dylan Schoemaker Senior Plant Sciences
Renewable Energy Innovation & Sustainability in Iceland
Lindsey Jacks Senior Geosciences, Spanish
Pushing Forward
Heidy Canales Sophomore Communications
What to do when someone gives you Money, Trust and/or Power
Royce DSouza Junior Computer Science, Economics, and Sociology
Student Farm at Penn State: from Pilot to Permanence
Jessica Chou Senior Environmental Resource Management
Empowerment through Service
Regina Duesler Senior Accounting
Early Socialization to the Nursing Field
Lucy Adams Sophomore Nursing
Compulsive Media Behaviors: What Personality Has to Do with It?
Michelle Appelt Senior Human Development and Family Studies
Measuring the Quality of Surface Water with the AWQUA
Tyler Barry Sophomore Civil Engineering
The Search Bar at Penn State University Libraries
Ian Brady Senior Criminology and Political Science
Gina Gavazzi Senior Management
Summer Research Internship Experience with Geisinger
Madison Burns Senior Biobehavioral Health
How Penn State Tennis has SERVED me
Zoe Cykosky Junior Supply Chain and Information Systems
Geospatial Application as GIS Assistant within Donald W. Hamer Center for Maps and Geospatial Information
Zhaogeng Ding Senior Geography
Living in Your Present, Discovering Your Future
Tatiana Hill Senior Community, Environment and Development
Hydrothermal Synthesis and Structure of a Dinuclear Molybdenum (III) Hydroxy Squarate Compound
Shae Johnstone Sophomore Chemical Engineering
Utilizing Holistic Care Throughout the Labor and Delivery Process in Costa Rica
Kalei Kowalchik Senior Nursing
Quijhanae Lee Junior Security and Risk Analysis
G. Michael Shott Jr. Sophomore Communication Arts and Sciences
Professional Sports Athletic Training Internships
Morgan Leichtenberger Senior Athletic Training
Riley Horner Senior Athletic Training
Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation in Pennsylvania
Bushra Lohrasbi Senior Communication Sciences and Disorders
Applying the Skills of a Peer Research Consultant to Curating an Exhibition
Benjamin Mitchell Senior Art History
Princesses and Princessing: The Sociology of Making Magic
Kristin Newvine Senior History
Karibu Kenya (Welcome to Kenya)
Gracie Pekarcik Senior Community, Environment and Development
Analyzing the recombinant PRV-263
Alyssa Powers Junior Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Spanish Language Society of Women Engineers
Kayli Rentzel Senior Mechanical Engineering
Research and Volunteerism: Paving the Way To Holistic Medical Careers
Tiffany Seibert Senior BioBehavioral Health
The effects of tourism on the movement, foraging and feeding behavior of starfish, Oreaster reticulatus, at Playa Estrella in Bocas del Toro, Panama
Allyson Ulsh Senior Environmental Resource Management
My School Life as a C.S.S.A Member
Yiming Wei Junior Marketing
Mingtian Yang Senior Computer Science
Yinuo Kong Junior Finance

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