Enable students to take their learning from the classroom to the world.

A 21st century college education is dynamic, multi-faceted, and global. It begins in the classroom, but doesn’t end there as students test their knowledge in internships, broaden their perspectives through study abroad, serve their communities by volunteering, extend their leadership skills in student organizations, launch their own start-up companies, and more. Out-of-classroom learning like this accelerates students’ development and enhances their preparation for life after graduation.

Penn State is committed to making student engagement a central part of the undergraduate experience, with more students involved in a wider range of learning opportunities than ever before. The success of this initiative will depend upon support from alumni and friends who share our vision of a college education that extends from the classroom to the world beyond.

While this vision is ambitious, no other university can offer the breadth of opportunities that Penn State can, and no other university can draw on the remarkable loyalty and dedication of our alumni and friends.

A Gift with Potential

The Student Engagement Network is made possible by gifts from generous donors. Learn more about how to help Penn State students achieve their full potential by contacting Kimberly Neely, Director of Development, at 814-865-6533 or

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