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Students are encouraged to create a poster highlighting achievements in engaged learning experiences. Any engaged learning experience will be considered, including: professional experiences (internships), undergraduate research, study abroad/study away, courses with out-of-class components, service learning, volunteerism, self-directed projects, community-based learning, creative accomplishments, peer mentoring, and student organizational experiences (e.g., clubs).

Once submitted, your poster will be electronically displayed in the Engagement Space at University Park, through which 10,000 students walk near each day. The SEN encourages students to showcase their poster at the Student Engagement EXPO in the Fall and/or the Undergraduate Research Exhibition in the Spring


We encourage you to use the poster template provided here. However, you may design your own poster or use one that you have already created.

The audience will be primarily students, but faculty, staff, and community members may also see it. Please be prepared to address questions about both your project as well as the impact it had on you (personally or professionally), or on a community/group.


The theme of Student Engagement at Penn State is: Find Your Why. Start Your Journey

Please emphasize the following in your poster (see template):

  1. How did you find your opportunity?
  2. What is the significance of this work?
  3. What key issues did you investigate or find during your experience?
  4. What did you hope to achieve, or what were the expected outcomes?
  5. What data, if any, did you gather to gauge success/progress?
  6. What impact did this experience have on you personally (as a learner) and professionally (skills and strengths improved)?
  7. What was the impact your experience might have (or had) on partnering communities?


Please submit your poster by emailing it to