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Student Engagement Portal - Coming Soon!

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The Pennsylvania State University is creating an online and mobile portal accessible to all Penn State students, regardless of their geographical location. To accompany this platform, the software and user interface design will evolve architecturally in Engagement Space in the HUB- Robeson Center at University Park, with the long-term goal of creating similar user experiences across the Commonwealth.
The SEN portal is a unique custom software design project that recognizes the complex integration required across a large institution that spans the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, including students enrolled in World Campus.

Guiding Principles


  1. Students seek engagement experiences to build relationships, meet others, and make personal connections.
  2. Students seek engagement experiences to acquire and develop skills and attributes to achieve professional readiness.
  3. Students seek engagement experiences for personal growth, inspiring self-reflection and goal-setting.

Find Your Why

Research has shown that engagement opportunities are transformative. Enabling every Penn State student to more expeditiously connect with life-changing engagement experiences significantly enhances the overall student experience. This better prepares them to regularly contribute to their local, national, and international communities in meaningful and impactful ways. A distinguishing feature of engagement at Penn State is a focus on student growth across five unique competencies: multicultural awareness, civic responsibility, ethical leadership, systems thinking, and professional development. Students who participate in engaging learning experiences are shown to make a deeper psychological investment into what they’re learning, incorporate class material into real-world circumstances, and develop critical life skills.

Portal Project Goals


  1. Provide a system that ignites curiosity and creates personal connections.
  2. Develop a platform that connects students to resources and experiences that helps them navigate their learning journey.
  3. Provide an application that encourages students to match aspirations with opportunities, and track and record those accomplishments.