A young male student presents his idea in a public forum.


Access resources, apply for grants, and expand your horizons.


Connect with faculty and further student engagement knowledge.

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Become a partner and play a role in student success.

Teaching Others About Water Stewardship

On October 25, 2017, I gave a presentation on the amphibian inhabitants of wetlands and how to protect their habitat. My presentation included an informational poster as well as tri-fold pamphlets and thumb drives to pass out to the event visitors.  The event was...

Investigating the Spread of Invasive Species

During the fall of 2017, I sampled terrestrial invertebrates from a shrubland in Lackawanna State Park. I did this through a combination of malaise traps to catch flying insects and grab sampling directly from shrub branches. The goal of this project was to...

Illuminating Backyards One Light Bulb at a Time

My experience took place in Dover, DE, as part of a comprehensive Neighborhood Revitalization Plan implemented by the National Council on Agricultural Life and Labor along with the non-profit HELP Initiative Inc., which I represented.  The campaign provided...

Spreading the Message of Diversity and Inclusion

This study abroad experience took place in Sydney, Australia, and it was a fantastic experience for my senior year at Penn State. The embedded experience was through the Art 299 course (Social and Cultural Exploration in the Visual Arts), and the trip took place from...

Exploring the Creative Side of Marketing

For the fall 2017 semester, I interned at YWCA York as a Marketing Intern under the supervision of Crystal Patterson, the Marketing Coordinator. As a marketing Intern, my duties were to assist the Marketing Coordinator to create marketing materials that would be used...
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