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Taking Care of the World We Live In

This summer I was fortunate enough to adventure in Cuba for a once-in-a-lifetime study abroad experience through the CHANCE program. During our stay, we traveled across western Cuba, partaking in many activities including touring an organic farm, snorkeling in...

The Corporate World

In summer 2017, I completed a manufacturing engineering internship with Novabus (Volvo) in Plattsburgh, NY. During this experience, I took part in various projects and industrial tasks. I worked on a project to increase production by redesigning a part of the assembly...

Paving the Path to Medical School

I continued my research with Dr. Meredith in State College, continuing progress on my project. I also continued volunteering at MSLC with my mentee, Richard, meeting with him weekly, along with volunteering at PAWS weekly. This experience was important to me as I was...

Abroad in Tanzania

My six-week experience took place in various parts of Tanzania. We spent most of our time learning and reflecting on subjects like conservation and ethics. We went to Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Udzungwa, Mikimi, and Kilwa to see real life examples of these subjects. The...

What It Means to Be a Foreigner

I went to São Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, for a language program and independent research. For the first six weeks I received Portuguese tutelage and explored the cultural scene of the city. Presently, I’m in Rio, working with musicologists to interview funk...
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